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Dates - 2015
  5th - 25th November: Exhibition Art "Suggestioni dalla natura" at ArteArte Gallery Mantova. Opening on November 5 at 17.00. Curator of the exhibition Valentina...
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The artist of the sea Gilberto Piccinini on "Monnalisa" Italian Art Magazine

Editor Barbara Durante


Monnalisa is a passion and a need. It is the urgent need to emphasise the beauty and creativity of Italy. Monnalisa is the need to contend with a cultural melting pot where diversity always enriches. Monnalisa is the desire to learn and to assimilate those cultural contributions that develop nations as much as individuals. Through Monnalisa let us take you on a journey throughout our land and our long history, a voyage of warmth, art, craft, passion and the pursuit of detail. We want Monnalisa to become a reference point, providing expert insight into everything concerning art, culture and all those products that are genuinely Italian. We couldn't pass up the opportunity to include an article on the fortress which will host the event "Arte al Castello - Dono per la Vita" and to introduce you some of the artists who took part in the first exhibition in particular the artist of the sea Gilberto Piccinini ........

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