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Dates - 2015
  5th - 25th November: Exhibition Art "Suggestioni dalla natura" at ArteArte Gallery Mantova. Opening on November 5 at 17.00. Curator of the exhibition Valentina...
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Show Seductions Landscape

It has just ended collective that brought together 18 artists from different backgrounds united by a love for nature and a high artistic level. With this service we intend to maintain the visibility of the exhibits and transform the participation of artists from a simpler time in an episode that will last long in our archive.We dismissed the paintings exhibited with great sadness. I confess that there were in love and we have returned reluctantly. We then decided to keep the memory in our database with the creation of a video that could reproduce all the paintings accompanied by a brief comment. But there was enough: Licinia Visconti, who also used the professional photos, wanted to develop a more personal and archival video less mounting the images according to a strict alphabetical order, but taking into account the similarities between the various works.During this work we realized that our understanding of the exhibitions is characterized by a deep sympathy for us and that they do not end when we prepare packages for return shipment, but we remain in the soul. Hence the decision to take forever to document our installations with two different types of video was a very short step. From now on, all the artists who will rely on the XXI Century Art Gallery will benefit from a service objective documentation and interpretation of their work conducted in terms of images, that the next time will be accompanied by the comment of an entry off.These works will be released on Youtube, Vimeo and other television media to provide participants with the highest possible visibility and projected back in time and space the memory of their performances Savona.Here is a thought about the artist Gilberto Piccinini sea:Gilberto Piccinini was born and lives in Milan, but he is a man of the sea. Do not know the spirit of tourists fleeing the smog of the big city for a day of beach, but he lives in the spirit of those who breathe the scent of the sea, who wants to penetrate the mystery of its immensity, which is under skies glittering with slow waves crashing along the coast and eternal, a limit against which struggle without end. Only rarely do the waves are raging violently, and then the sky and sea seem to unite in a tremendous threat. The cliffs are opposed to the fury of the waters that are unique in their characteristics of pure invention Piccinini has found an extraordinary narrative motif, consisting of huts clinging to the rocks. Houses have approached each other like one o'clock in the oldest settlements in Anatolia, with houses without doors and windows are the only access route.An extraordinary technique and enduring love for the sea waves are the basis of which seems to feel the weight and high density cloud formations, waves and clouds that seem besieged coastal settlements apparently deserted, as if an old story he had moved away or exterminated the inhabitants. This theme represents an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Piccinini and the observer is struck by the number of changes: a view from off the coast, the observation point centered on the beaches and reefs that receive the impact of the water, the spurs with their rocky homes caught in the meridian splendor, but more often immersed in incipient darkness. And yet hovels seen from below, incumbent on the observer's point of view, in perspective, or long, or from above. Very small range of colors used, but rich in nuances. In essence we have blue and gray dotted with rare interventions and minutes of red.The results are of extraordinary charm and bring out the poetry of a great lover of the sea, a sort of addicted to painting instead of Conrad's novel.A story about two works on display: in love with the sea, Gilberto Piccinini tells the stories of various canvases in which breathing is often scale plans of the vision to enhance their own particular point of view. His is a calm sea but caught a dark foreboding atmosphere almost of the next outburst of enormous forces. The voice of the sea presents a moment of suspense while the whitening waves and undertow creeps between the edge of the earth and rock dosale which closes the horizon seems to tell old stories such as the shores of the Hellespont Foscolo memory. Look into infinity represents the metaphor of human courage that is not afraid to face strong forces and threatening and builds the sign of its challenge on a rocky outcrop surrounded by the waves. Maybe a distant memory of Bocklin outlines here a group of huts perched on the back of the stone to stand in front of the infinite ocean.

Aldo Pero