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Dates - 2015
  5th - 25th November: Exhibition Art "Suggestioni dalla natura" at ArteArte Gallery Mantova. Opening on November 5 at 17.00. Curator of the exhibition Valentina...
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The colors of the landscape

It opened on Saturday, September 8th, the exhibition "The colors of the landscape" with the artists: Alecto Sarah Beth John, Bortolussi Andrea Bovi Roberto, Francesco Caruso, Cosseddu Francis, Marco De Francesco, Delsoldato Romano, Alessandro Di Cola, Di Giacomo Carlo , Paola Doria, Inihcorr, Julia Martin, Massarenti Gianfranco, Mirri Fiorenzo, Ninotti Nino Franco Padovan, Relationship Fausto, Gilberto Piccinini, Luca Raimondi, Pamela Rota, Richard Salvatore, Star Mark Svagelj Sara, Carmine Verre
Landscape painting responds to a historical development of sensory perception and sensitivity, is part of a history of the reception. The landscape as a subject of art, does not disturb in any way our mental processes, rather favors the inflection, even when our thoughts seem to offer some "resistance" to its surface stimuli. This genre of painting has to do, in a fascinating way, with images of the world, who in turn give expression to cultural peculiarities. There is no tree, rock building, running water, sky, rocks nor blade of grass that does not require specific studies. The landscape artist to create a work of art must transcend their knowledge of forms and phenomena through the absolute mastery that allows him to understand, and then to make a pictorial level, the emotions and the feelings that it contains, which suggests . In a landscape forms of reality would be very little "artistic" if nature is not the imbevesse of its character and its phenomena generating visual impressions and above all moods. Is essential in these works claim the quality of the observation and the imagination, combining the realistic look with intuition so subjective and defending the need for narrative and important topics introducing the notion of "credibility" designed to frame the strong potential derivative of creative invention. Nicolas Poussin "art is not the same thing as nature." His thinking was that art, identifying materially, formally and carnally with nature, does not in any way omit the infinite possibilities of invention of the mind and sensibility of man. In all the works of these artists manifests an aesthetic reality that consists of four things: matter, the idea, the structure and style, matter assimilated by the look realistic flow on the nature and the idea completely contained and expressed by ' imagination of the artist, the structure and style, all brought experience, from trade and from work. The artists interpret nature spontaneously and according to their own personal feelings, detaching completely from what is known by old masters and contemporary painters. It is clear that in the context of landscape, just like in real life, human intervention: fields, paths, mills, villages, bridges and pastures increasingly complemented by the rivers and forests and uncultivated plains, glades and hills, contemporary painters enrich their description of a landscape or moral philosophical discourse latent developed its own right in opposition to these different kinds of matter.