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Dates - 2015
  5th - 25th November: Exhibition Art "Suggestioni dalla natura" at ArteArte Gallery Mantova. Opening on November 5 at 17.00. Curator of the exhibition Valentina...
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Poetry, literature and art in Bolsena

Success for the review. Here are all the winners.

A successful 7 ^ artistic and literary review which paid tribute to Bolsena, a corner of Italy rich in history and tradition and a landmark and attraction. Its lake of volcanic origin, is the largest in Europe. A two-day art and culture organized by the cultural San Domenichino in collaboration with the Arts "The Square" in Viareggio, inserted in a touring every year takes place in several Italian cities, with the intention of creating new and qualified cultural relations with the different historical-artistic national. At the opening of the exhibition in the Sala Cavour of the historic town of Bolsena and the awards ceremony at the Columbus Hotel, was attended by the Mayor Paolo Dottarelli, Councillor for Culture Jacinta Monachello and Vice President of the Province of Viterbo Paul Equitani that led the salute applauding the initiative with the hope that it will continue. The jury Franco Pedrinzani (chairman), Manrico Texts, Bruno Gifts, Bruno and Stefania Cosignani Palagi (secretary) would like to congratulate the artists for the high quality of the works presented in the exhibition and that, as required by regulation, classified by assigning premiums relief then delivered to the various authorities in the cozy conference hall at Columbus overlooking the beautiful Lake of Bolsena. Graphic arts-painting and sculpture the most important awards went to important artists in the Italian painter of the sea including Gilberto Piccinini.