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  5th - 25th November: Exhibition Art "Suggestioni dalla natura" at ArteArte Gallery Mantova. Opening on November 5 at 17.00. Curator of the exhibition Valentina...
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In Exhibition: Piccinini’s sea
It's the sea with the wide appeal to infinity and with all the refracting lights is the starring role in Gilberto Piccinini's paintings, the sea brimming with emotions and evocative sensations.

Despite being born in Milan, the town where he lives and works, Piccinini had a vocation defined by his love for the ligurian coast and its sea. The artist's paintings, winner of many important prizes are shown permanently at the International Gallery in Viareggio, The Mercadante in Levanto and The National Gallery in Cortona.

Gilberto Piccinini: ”among the billowing of the sea”
Milan, December the 7th 2008 – At the Public library of Baggio- located in Milano, Pistoia road n. 10, ended the Solo art Exhibition , opened in November the 15th . The Exhibition " among the

billowing of the sea " by the Master painter Gilberto Piccinini, among the most intense of our century, has been organized and introduced by the painter and art critic Walter Venanzio, Chairman of the National art guild of the Third Millennium of Milan, and it has been presented by the painter and art critic Carlo Roccazzella known as the artist CARO

“ Blue Simphony “ interview on Surfnews magazine
His blue symphonies are born out of his continuous visits to the ligurian coasts.

It's not by chance that his paintings are permanently exhibited in places of cult of the Italian surf as

Levanto ( The Mercadante Gallery) and Viareggio ( The International Gallery). His paintings speak

a language that has no secrets for us surfers

Gilberto Piccinini: the poetry of the sea
A collection of works in which the subject is the sea.

He depicts nature in a whole hearted way in which the predominant colour is the blue in every shade, and as if by magic it gives motion and light to the textures, and expressive patterns which are clearly defined like the emerging rocks, the foaming waves and the swells.

This" magic realism " reaching out of every dimension is not only representing the strength and thegrandeur of nature but also inner meditation and poetic thought.

Gilberto Piccinini painter of seascapes
Gilberto Piccinini is a passionate seascapist. His love for the sea derives from his marine origin which drives him to observe with the heart the violence of the waves so as to translate his emotions into seascapes. Gilberto Piccinini wants to impress the sensitivity of his public to let them feel those same sensations he felt while painting.

The depth of the seascapes.

The artist Gilberto Piccinini paints seascape with a realistic representation technique. He prefers monochromatic works, choosing mainly blue and all its shades for his seascapes. His blue is often dark and intense and gives his paintings a particular, strong touch also in the presence of suggestive light effects.

A contemporary artist of seascapes
Gilberto Piccinini is a contemporary artist of seascapes; in his paintings he can perfectly interpret man's emotional condition. He is particularly fond seascapes, when the sea is always protagonist but also the countless emotions of man are portrayed.

Emotions through landscape paintings.

Landscape paintings is not only a realistic representation of reality. Through the observation of nature the contemporary artist translate feelings and passion into his art. The choice of colours and of the subject make the artist's mood clear; in his landscape, the artist tells us about his fears, his joys a man's questions. For this reason, the contemporary artist Gilberto Piccinini mainly portrays landscapes whose subject is the sea, as wide and unpredictable as man himself.

Gilberto Piccinini: the painter of sea-waves
Gilberto Piccinini is a painter of sea waves. His paintings are "symphonies in blue" which can always convey strong emotions.

The power of sea-waves.

To the painter Gilberto Piccinini, painting the sea-waves means translating his emotions on the canvas, where the human impetus turns all the shades of blue. His paintings, which one often monochromatic, are based on light and shade effects through which the painter can convey the emotions felt in front of the sea-waves.

Gilberto Piccinini: landscapits/seascapist
Gilberto Piccinini is a seascapist, in particular he portrays the Liguria coast. His passion for seascapes comes from the painter's own sea origin. Gilberto Piccinini is a teacher who has educated his painter's sensitive soul also tank to his father-in-law, the writer Emilio Vio Sopranis. As a self-taught painter, he has recently discovered his passion and his love for nature has inspired him to paint landscape, in particular seascapes.

His paintings don't simply show the external aspects of nature, but also the inner soul of the world. This is the painter's force which characterizes his work and makes it unique.

Exhibition: New figuration in Florence
The seascapes (scenaries) of the contemporary artist Gilberto Piccinini occupy a space between photographic realism and captivating pictorial artifice thus presenting us with a series dedicated to the sea and its Mediterranean light

There's a traditional marine iconography which remain in the paintings of the artist, with a masterly use of colour he represents a sea which has power without control, recalling a freedom and experience of that natural beauty from which the feelings of sublime are born to unsettle the spirit of dimension. The attention of Piccinini is concentrated firmly on the turmoil of the waves to the exclusion of other objects apart from the rocks emerging from the water.

This perspective is locked out ,selective and unconditional like the destiny which leads our lives

Gilberto Piccinini: the sea-painter
Gilberto Piccinini is a sea-painter. His paintings are defined "blue-in-blue", because they are monochromatic; the only colour he uses is blue in all its shades. Gilberto Piccinini is a contemporary painter who aspires to raice his public's emotions with realistic representation of the sea. The sea-painter Gilberto Piccinini gives his painting a quality which goes beyond the realism of his subject. The human feelings are changed into the sea-waves; the situations created are impetuous or quite, silent or violent.
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