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Dates - 2015
  5th - 25th November: Exhibition Art "Suggestioni dalla natura" at ArteArte Gallery Mantova. Opening on November 5 at 17.00. Curator of the exhibition Valentina...
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Gilberto Piccinini: the sea-painter
Gilberto Piccinini is a sea-painter. His paintings are defined "blue-in-blue", because they are monochromatic; the only colour he uses is blue in all its shades. Gilberto Piccinini is a contemporary painter who aspires to raice his public's emotions with realistic representation of the sea. The sea-painter Gilberto Piccinini gives his painting a quality which goes beyond the realism of his subject. The human feelings are changed into the sea-waves; the situations created are impetuous or quite, silent or violent.