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Dates - 2015
  5th - 25th November: Exhibition Art "Suggestioni dalla natura" at ArteArte Gallery Mantova. Opening on November 5 at 17.00. Curator of the exhibition Valentina...
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Gilberto Piccinini painter of seascapes
Gilberto Piccinini is a passionate seascapist. His love for the sea derives from his marine origin which drives him to observe with the heart the violence of the waves so as to translate his emotions into seascapes. Gilberto Piccinini wants to impress the sensitivity of his public to let them feel those same sensations he felt while painting.

The depth of the seascapes.

The artist Gilberto Piccinini paints seascape with a realistic representation technique. He prefers monochromatic works, choosing mainly blue and all its shades for his seascapes. His blue is often dark and intense and gives his paintings a particular, strong touch also in the presence of suggestive light effects.